Raigo Lepp Out in 14th Place (€2,590)

Over on the non-televised table, Raigo Lepp open-shoved with Ad-8h under the gun and it folded all the way around to the even shorter-stacked Martin Mänd who called all in with Ah-Ks. Duly, the Tc-Kd-Th-As-2s board delivered a just outcome, and Mänd doubled to 700k. Lepp was left with just 85k.

It was Mänd who delivered the final blow as well. Lepp did manage to double up once, but remained desperately short as he moved in again with A-7. Mänd made the call with pocket nines, and following an A-8-T-9-A board, Lepp was gone. The previously poorly Mänd is now on the mend – he’s up to 850k.

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