Raido of the Lost Story Arc - Ounapuu Out in 3rd (€28,000)

Your bloggers had just returned from taking part in a rather emotional MPNPT staff group photo, when fireworks on the feature table disrupted what could have been an excellent story of an MPN staffer done good, but also left us heads up for the MPNPT Grand Finale title!

Two hands was all it took to send MPN staffer Raido Ounapuu home in third place. Holding Ac Kh on the button, he opened to 360k, and got a call from arch-nemesis of basically everyone Richard Liu, who was holding Qh Tc in the small blind. Martin Piil came along for the ride with Th 6c in the big blind, and they saw a flop.

All three players checked the Ts 5h Qc flop, despite Piik having made a pair, Liu having made top two pair, and Ounapuu having a gutshot straight draw and overcards.

They checked the Qd turn as well, and proceeded to the river – Jh. Liu, who had filled up on the turn, bet out 775k. Piik wisely folded his two pair – but Ounapuu had made a Broadway straight. Incredibly, he just flat-called! Ounapuu dropped to 2 million, but had done amazingly well not to go broke there and then.

It would not last. The very next hand, Liu raised from the button with a humble 3d 4d. Piik, possibly spooked by now, folded A6, but Ounapuu called with Ah 2h and they saw a flop.

Ac 3c 3h!

Poor old Ounapuu – he just couldn’t get a break. Both players checked, but it was the beginning of the end. Ounapuu bet out 260k on the Qh turn and then called the 660k raise from Liu, before check-calling all in on the 2d river. Trip threes beat two pair, and we wave goodbye to Raido Ounapuu in third place for €28,000. Not bad, for someone who won his seat by coming second in the MPN staff tournament.

We are now heads up – Liu’s 12 million playing Martin Piik’s 5 million.

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