Queen Aline Hits Century

Jenny Aline just hit six figures – though she was somewhat fortunate to crest this mark.

Holding [Qd][Qh] she three-bet Eriberto Terccarichi’s 6,000 open to 17,000 – only for her opponent to now move all-in. Aline had a bit of a think before throwing in the call for her remaining 54,000 stack and there was bad news as Terccarichi opened [Kc][Kh] and looked set to reduce the field by one.

The [Qc][4h][2d] flop changed all that. Terccarichi shook his head as the board bricked out [As][2s] to leave Aline to collect the 115,000 pot with her full house whilst Terccarichi handed over a huge chunk of his stack and was left playing with his remaining 17,000 chips sadly.

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