Quad-zilla on the Rampage

We’ve just seen a major power shift on table 28, Konstantin Hammermüller making quite the hand to see off one of his rivals and almost stack a second.

We joined the hand with all three all-in preflop – Hammermüller taking on Stojan Marinkovic (6-6) and Smintanca Januszewski (T-T) with his own pocket pair – Q-Q.

He was favourite for the big pot, but this didn’t stop a friend egging on the dealer to give him some assistance.

“QUEEN-BALL!” his friend virtually screamed in a high-pitched falsetto that shattered some of the nearby glasses with its frequency. “QUEEN-BALL!” he repeated, many of Vienna’s local dogs streaming into the casino summoned by this piercing note.

It seemed it wasn’t just crystalline objects and canines that were susceptible to this aural attack. The dealer dealt out a flop of Qs-Ad-3c-Qs-Ah. Quads for Hammermüller. Easy game.

“QUEEN-BALL!” we heard his friend say one more time, a note of victory creeping in at how effective his performance had been. Thankfully that was the last time we heard it, though this mournful cry will haunt our dreams for months to come.

Meanwhile a beaming Hammermüller rises to 140,000, Januszewski is out, and Marinkovic is left with a pittance.



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