Pump Up the Mike

There are quite a few UK players in the field today, one of whom is Michael Welland, who’s sporting a voluminous haircut, a waterfall of black curls cascading down his face.

His stack is not as big as his hair but is headed in the right direction, courtesy of a hand where he raised the button, called in two spots from the blinds, and c-bet the resultant board of Ad 3h 2h for a small-looking 200 chips.

Eetu Kanninen in the blinds now check-raised to 800, Welland making the call on this slightly wet flop. The turn was a safe-ish looking Ts.

Kanninen led out again for 800. Call from Welland.

The rivered 4h completed a number of draws – flush, straight etc and Kanninen now checked. Welland also checked behind. “An ace,” Kanninen announced, tabling As Jc, curious as to whether his hand was good. Not today!

Welland showed Ac 2d for two pair – nonchalantly collecting the pot and stacking up his chips.

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