Propositional Play

Julie Whitworth just tangled with Juha Ovaskainen, who would charitably be described as “lubricated” and less charitably as ****-faced. We’re feeling charitable though, so let’s say lubricated.

Whitworth jammed preflop for her circa 220,000 stack and Ovaskainen, glugging what may have been his 10th “lubricant” of the evening made the call with pocket fives. Whitworth looked in good shape for a double-up with aces though she remained wary.

“You know he’s going to hit a five!” she warned.

Her fears proved not to be prescient however as the board ran out 9-2-6-7-J to give her a double to around 475,000.

“It’s because I like you too much,” slurred Ovaskainen jovially. “I want to see you tomorrow…”

“…naked?” joked Whitworth to laughter from the table.

“She pwned you there,” laughed Halme. Ovaskainene takes a hit – down to 800,000.

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