Presterud Smothered by Tiit (15th - €2,700)

Eirik Presterud has just been sent to the rail, courtesy of Tiit Piller, the pair battling in a button versus big blind situation which saw both commit their stacks preflop.

Presterud was the man most at risk, his Ah 3h the dog in the fight versus Piller’s queens and when the board fell Qd 6d 8c, his day was already done. Nonetheless the dramatic Qs on the turn drew a series of “oooohh”s from the table – everyone appreciating the rarity of a beautiful hand like quads. Nothing changed though, Presterud was out and he shook hands and departed quietly to collect his €2,700. Meanwhile Tiit now has a 1.8 million stack that with a bit of care might well see him to the final table.

Good game!

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