Prepare to Break Records - MPNPT @ Battle of Malta Day 1C & 1D (From 9:00PM)

The opening two days of MPNPT @ The Battle of Malta have seen an incredible 1845 entries squeeze into the Intercontinental Hotel’s cavernous Eden Arena, the tournament’s field and prizepool growing commensurately large. Already a record tally for tournament entries is all but guaranteed and we’ll be in a position to confirm this come the end of the day. There are two flights scheduled for today – Day 1C beginning shortly whilst Day 1D will commence at 9:00pm. The usual rules will apply:

  • 25k Chips
  • €500+50 buy=in
  • Unlimited re-entries up to level 10
  • 40 minute levels
  • Day finishes once 85% of the field have been eliminated (all remaining players guaranteed a cash and passage through to day 2)

Yesterday Latvian Jalulins Nikolajs took hold of the tournament by the scruff of the neck, accumulating 683,000 by the end of the day. He has set a high bar to follow – but today’s entrants will do their best to match his efforts. Apart from the poker there will be numerous other diversions on the sidelines – MPNPT’s famous Fish Party will be back to please the crowds and there are a number of side events for anyone who finds themselves on the rail of the main:

Saturday 27th October

Time Name Buy-in Stack Levels Re-entries Soft Cap Location
11:00 SUPER SAT TURBO FOR DAY 1C 55+5 10,000 10 mins unlimited Eden Arena
13:00 NLH BOM Day 1c ‘Let the battle Begin’ 500+50 25,000 40 mins unlimited Eden Arena
17:00 BOM LADIES EVENT 100+10 20,000 20 mins unlimited 200 Eden Arena
18:00 PLO DOUBLE CHANCE 150+15 10,000+10,000 20 mins Freezeout 200 Eden Arena
21:00 NLH BOM Day 1d TURBO ‘Let the battle Begin’ 500+50 25,000 20 mins unlimited Eden Arena

A fantastic day of poker is in prospect. We can’t wait to tally the final numbers and see just how big this mammoth tournament will be. Good luck one and all – time to shuffle up and deal!

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