Pregnant Pause

Paf player Peter Pihlstrom was just put to a difficult decision and every moment of anxiety and uncertainty played out across his face as he deliberated.

We joined the action post-flop with the shorter-stacked Tanel Adson having jammed all-in for around 80,000 on a board of  7d 2s 7c – only for Saku Turtia to also move all-in for around 280,000.

Folded to Pihlstrom, he had about the same chips as Turtia and was left contemplating what to do with 7s 4s. His hand was strong but he knew Turtia most likely also had a strong value hand. Pihlstrom took a good 4 or 5 minutes to decide, Turtia throwing out the occasional comment “(Whatever happens I’ll buy you a beer”, “I want you to call.”)  Eventually, feeling trip sevens was just too strong, Pihlstrom called and was shown Kh Kc for Adson and 7h 8h for Turtia. The turn card was the crucial Kd and the river the Qc to ensure the big side pot was chopped.

As Pihlstrom wiped his brow after surviving for his entire stack, Adson was the beneficiary of a big triple up. “Nice turn,” a player observed to which Adson released his pent up excitement, gushing “You think?!!” He moves to over 300,000 whilst a relieved Pihlstrom was left with around 220,000 and Turtia a similar amount. The pair bonded over the situation & fistbumped after the hand…

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