Preflop 3-Way Battle Leaves Sarwar Crippled

Who could be surprised that QQ, KK and AK preflop created an all-in storm?  Surely not Tomas MacNamara, shortest stacked of the bunch, who was all-in with kings alongside Nadim Sarwar (AK, only slightly more) and David Lappin (QQ; still 22,000 behind).

After the kings did their job of staying in front, Sarwar was down to just a couple of thousand in low denomination chips, and they went in on the very next hand preflop.  Lardo Lehest called in late position, before Jake O’Leary also decided that it was jam o’clock, moving in for 4,750.  Call, as expected.

O’Leary: 7c 7s
Lehest: Ah 6h
Sarwar: Ts 4s

Board: Qh 2d Jd 8d 2s.  Survival for O’Leary, shrug and regroup for Lehest, probable rebuy for Sarwar.

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