Pref-Eren-tial Treatment

Three stacks were already in the middle of the table when I arrived; piecing together the action, it looked as though:

  • Tuukka Meklin had open-shoved for 56.5k with 9s-9c
  • Cihan Eren had called all in for 52.5k with Qs-Qd
  • Rares-Aurelian Bodea had reshoved for over 100k with Ah-Kh and the rest of the table had folded

Board: Jd 8s 5s 2c 4d

It took the dealer a few moments to ascertain the stacks, but soon it was found that Eren had scooped the lot and tripled up to 160k. Bodea didn’t look too pleased about it, but is still in the game on 70k. Meklin, meanwhile, dropped down to just 4k. He’s still in at the moment, somehow, but we suspect that, barring an actual miracle, he is not long for this tournament. Fifty-three players remain, with 44 places paying out.

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