Pots Snowballing

With the blinds now a hefty 200/400/50, it doesn’t take too much action to generate a juicy-sized pot.

We saw that effect recently as Stevanovic Davorin raised under-the-gun to 1,000, called by Idriss Laurent, his neighbour in position.

Perhaps spying an opportunity to squeeze, perhaps picking up a big hand, Deividas Kvaselis now popped it up to 3,800 from the big blind. Both players made the call – Laurent after a fair while vacillating – and we went three-way to a Js 7d 3h board.

A quiet but effective bullet of 3,100 from Kvaselis saw Davorin call but Laurent release his hand.

Come the 8h turn,  Kvaselis fired a second barrel – 5,100 the price to pay and this time, it proved an effective deterrent as Davorin folded like an origami crane and Kvaselis showed the intriguing Ad.

“Aces?” inquired a tablemate. “Maybe,” the reticent Kvaselis mumbled nebulously as he collected the 20,000 ish pot.

He’s up to 34,000….

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