Ponomarev Drowned by Tough River (5th - £13,000)

Nikolay Ponomarev hasn’t had the best of luck at this final table and his exit underlined this as he got his chips into the middle with AcKh and looked set for a double-up, facing off against AsQd.

It looked all over on the flop, coming Ks7s6d but the poker gods are fickle and sometimes cruel and the JsTh that followed showcased just this – a runner-runner straight leaving Ponomarev’s hopes of the title dashed in 5th spot for £13,000. With some tough situations Ponomarev can still be very pleased with how he played and the plaudits his many opponents have given him suggest he has a bright future in poker.

We continue 4 handed for the title, Simpson, Magnusson, Uku Valner and Rudling battling for the trophy with Rudling the current shortstack. We are making NO predictions on how this topsy-turvy final table will turn out. It’s been surprise after surprise…

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