Pole Position: Warowiec Wins MPNPT Prague for 900,000 Kč €36,000

The €200,000 GTD MPNPT Prague is over and Mateusz Warowiec is our champion – the Pole seeing off the 402 entries that accumulated over the three starting days to collect the trophy and the 900,000 Kč € 36,000 first place prize money.

The final table was full of twists and turns – an early exciting hand which saw Alex Clark crippled with trips versus Paf player Jari-Pekka Rattya’s rivered house setting the tone for what was to come.

Clark looked for all the world like he would be the first player out after this but in fact it was Belgian Jason Poelman who succumbed – his pocket jacks losing out to the rampant Rattya’s turned two pair. He collected 100,000Kč/€4,000 for his trouble. Rattya’s star was waxing and it was no surprise when his pocket queens held in a coin-flip versus Mulsow’s ace-king – Mulsow out with 127,675 Kč, € 5,107 awaiting him at the cash desk.

Brutal run out for Stacey

Seventh place was a sickener for Daniel Stacey – the young British player flopping a set and getting in a great spot as he got his stack into the middle versus Andrei Lazar’s overpair. The poker gods had other ideas however as a runner-runner straight turned the tables – Stacey shell-shocked and on the rail with 162,500 Kč, € 6,500 as his consolation prize. Lazar meanwhile danced and punched the air – delighted at his fortune and oblivious to his opponent’s evident pain.

Clark may have had his troubles at the start of the final table – but he parlayed his miniature stack into something more formidable as he won showdown after showdown, including winning with K-J versus kings. He managed to win yet another showdown with pocket tens to further his chances – Vilém Vrána’s desperation shove with ace-king seeing a board of bricks consign him to 6th place for 210,000 Kč, € 8,400.

The fairytale comeback for Clark was abruptly ended in 5th (262,500 Kč/ € 10,500) by

Clark’s miraculous resurgence was shut down

Lazar however – a dominating ace curtailing Clark’s renaissance to more gales of cackling laughter from the Russian – enjoying every moment of this final.

Four handed was a war of attrition – Lazar, Warowiec, Keskel and Rattya’s stacks equalising and a period of relative equilibrium reigning for some time. The deadlock was broken when Rattya became short and was forced into a move with K-8. It didn’t work out – Warowiec applying the finishing touches to leave the Finn with 332,500 Kč € 13,300.

Lazar brought a levity to the final table that epitomised the fun side of poker. He laughed and danced when fortune went his way and shrugged off misfortune with a grin. He eventually succumbed following a sequence of coolers – going out in a blaze of glory as he triple-barrel bluffed the last of his stack off to Warowiec. Congratulations on winning 465,000 Kč/ € 18,600 Mr Lazar.

Heads-up for glory!

Heads-up was a relatively brief affair – Paf Qualifier Keskel came in with the shorter stack, having been quiet but effective on the final – picking rare but positive spots to commit his chips. Heads-up he adopted a more aggressive approach but eventually Warowiec trapped him – limping jacks and snapping off one of Keskel’s frequent shoves with king-high.

Five bricks appeared and it was all over! Keskel collected 632,500 Kč €25,300.00 for his disciplined run to second place but Warowiec is the man to write himself into the pantheon of MPNPT champions – 900,000 Kč, € 36,000, the trophy and a great deal of kudos from his peers his reward for three days of intense poker. Warowiec was a worthy champion – rarely putting a foot wrong as he negotiated his way to the victory – our hats are off to you – wp.

A quick mention of The Hendon Mob Cup result is due as well. The €220/ 5,500Kč tournament was fiercely contested – Vagan Sagabazyan coming out the winner to pick up a Czech flag and the prestigious trophy as well as 165,000 Kč. Well played Vagan – the full results are listed here.

For now though, that is it. Prague has been a treat – a beautiful city full of fun diversions and welcoming people, as well as amazing hotdogs. Try them if you ever get a chance. The next MPNPT event will be July 18-21 in London as the tour hits England’s capital. Get qualifying now – you won’t want to miss out.

Thanks for following, we’ll see you soon!

Full Payouts:

Position Player Nationality Qualifier Prize Prize in €
1st Mateusz Warowiec Poland 900,000 Kč € 36,000
2nd Marko Keskel Estonia Paf 632,500 Kč € 25,300
3rd Andrei Lazar Russia 465,000 Kč € 18,600
4th Jari-Pekka Rattya Finland Paf 332,500 Kč € 13,300
5th Alex Clark UK Grosvenor Poker 262,500 Kč € 10,500
6th Vilém Vrána Czech Republic 210,000 Kč € 8,400
7th Daniel Stacey UK Grosvenor Poker 162,500 Kč € 6,500
8th Martin Mulsow Austria 127,675 Kč € 5,107
9th Jason Poelman Belgium 100,000 Kč € 4,000
10th Kalle Suvi Estonia OlyBet 100,000 Kč € 4,000
11th Teemu Toikkanen Finland 77,500 Kč € 3,100
12th Patryk Bablok Poland RedKings 77,500 Kč € 3,100
13th Diego Domingo Catalan Spain 32Red 60,000 Kč € 2,400
14th Josef Snejberg Czech Republic 60,000 Kč € 2,400
15th Ottomar Ladva Estonia 60,000 Kč € 2,400
16h Jakob Pilgaard Denmark 60,000 Kč € 2,400
17th Mantas Urbonas UK 32Red 47,500 Kč € 1,900
18th Milan Rusnak Czech Republic 47,500 Kč € 1,900
19th Lars Jonas Andersson Sweden 47,500 Kč € 1,900
20th Jan Hajek Czech Republic 47,500 Kč € 1,900
21st Temnis Arendse Netherlands 32Red 47,500 Kč € 1,900
22nd Ylva Thorsrud Norway 47,500 Kč € 1,900
23rd Eoin Starr Ireland 47,500 Kč € 1,900
24th Vitek Pesta Czech Republic 47,500 Kč € 1,900
25th Stefan Mital Czech Republic 36,250 Kč € 1,450
26th Sherri Lesley Jeffery UK Grosvenor Poker 36,250 Kč € 1,450
27th Julien Teissedre France 36,250 Kč € 1,450
28th Christian Braeuer Germany 32Red 36,250 Kč € 1,450
29th Adam Jindra Czech Republic 36,250 Kč € 1,450
30th Ozgur Leba Czech Republic 36,250 Kč € 1,450
31st Andrei Antonenko Estonia Tallinn Freebuy winner 36,250 Kč € 1,450
32nd Daniel Kehr Germany 36,250 Kč € 1,450
33rd Colin Guthrie UK 32Red 31,250 Kč € 1,250
34th Valerii Firstenko Ukraine 31,250 Kč € 1,250
35th Johan Goslings Netherlands Betsson Poker 31,250 Kč € 1,250
36th Maria Stroemstad Norway 31,250 Kč € 1,250
37th Tarmo Tammel Estonia OlyBet 31,250 Kč € 1,250
38th Zdenek Mital Czech Republic 31,250 Kč € 1,250
39th Martin Mauthner Austria 31,250 Kč € 1,250
40th Raul Husiev Ukraine 31,250 Kč € 1,250
41st Victor Bogdanov Russia 28,750 Kč € 1,150
42nd Toni Ojala Finland Paf 28,750 Kč € 1,150
43rd Daniele Crisci Italy 28,750 Kč € 1,150
44th Maksym Kobeza Ukraine Betsafe 28,750 Kč € 1,150
45th Fabienne Freymdal Germany 28,750 Kč € 1,150
46th Christian Eckenweber Germany Betsson Poker 28,750 Kč € 1,150
47th Pekka Ikonen Finland OlyBet 28,750 Kč € 1,150


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