Blaze Poker is the MPN’s fast-fold poker variant.

Unlike regular poker, in Blaze, you don’t sit at a specific table. Instead you join a large pool of other poker players, and once you fold or win a hand, you will immediately receive new cards against new opponents on a new table.

Blaze is very high speed, but once you get used to the pace, there is nothing else like it. Players have described it as “poker on adrenaline”. In fact, Blaze is so fast that you can play hundreds of hands every hour. You can even enter the same Blaze Poker pool multiple times – if you can handle the speed that is! There’s no quicker way to gain poker experience.

You can seat yourself multiple times into the same player pool, but of course you can never play against yourself. There can be an infinite number of players in each pool.

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MPN is made up of several big name sports betting brands - which pool together their poker players to create more games, bigger tournaments and bigger promos.