Pietila Takes Unluckiest Spot in a 3-Way Cooler

Leo Pietila in happier times

Paf qualifier Leo Pietila shoved under the gun and it folded all the way around to fellow Pafster Jari Hurri on the button who called all in. In the small blind, Sander Laprik looked down at his cards. “F**k!” he exclaimed, with feeling. He folded. “Better to be safe than bubbly,” as he noted a hand or two prior to this.

The action moved on to Olybet qualifier Raigo Aasmaa in the big blind – who called too. Forgetting that they were meant to wait until all the action on other tables had been completed before they flipped their cards, Aasmaa and Pietila turned their hands over – jacks for Pietila and, naturally, aces for Aasmaa (Hurri did not show his hand at this point). They turned them back over and the two all-in players had to wait several minutes for a showdown, knowing that they were all in against Aasmaa’s aces on the bubble. Good times.

Jari Hurri – a very lucky boy

Eventually the go-ahead was given, and the cards were officially revealed.

Pietila: Jh-Jc
Aasmaa: Ah-Ad
Hurri: Ks-Kc

Board: 8c-Kd-3c-Th-3h

A king on the flop meant that Hurri took the main pot, tripling up to around 80k and by the grace of the poker gods surviving to play at least one more hand. Pietila, however, was not so fortunate. Outchipped by Aasmaa, what remained of his stack after paying off Hurri was transferred into the possession of Aasmaa, and Pietila becomes our official bubble boy. Commiserations, sir.

By the by, Pietila ran off before we could inform him that by way of consolation, the nice folks at Microgaming would like to offer him a seat to the next MPNPT Main Event, in Morocco next January, worth €500 + €50. If anyone sees Mr. Pietila, please ask him to get in touch and the powers that be will make sure that he and his prize find each other.

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