Perederejevs Rollercoaster

Andrejs Perederejevs has just experienced the joys and hardships of poker in the space of a few hands.

At first it was all roses as he went to war with Petri Blomdahl – taking on his sub 20BB shove with Kc Ks – in great shape against Blomdahl’s pocket nines. “Guess what I have?” said Blomdahl to his table – someone correctly predicting his hand, suggesting this had been a prominent holding for him.

This pair of nines was to be his last though, Perederejevs taking the last of Blomdahl’s chips as the board ran out Qd 7s 2s 8c Jc to leave him thanking his table for the fun time. Perederejevs meanwhile rose to 550,000 – comfortably above average.

This was to prove a temporary peak however as just a hand or two later Perederejevs found queens and became embroiled in a big pot with Daragh Davey. This time however, he was the one being coolered as Davey showed down Ks Kh, which held over the Js 8c 9c 8h Jc to double his 187,000 stack to close to 400,000. Perederejevs meanwhile took a big hit and has been knocked back down to a sub-average 364,000. What comes up…

Things are moving fast in the Hilton with 37 players  remaining in the hunt for the MPNPT Tallin trophy.

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