Pennanen's Duck Gets Fatter (Ouadoudy busts)

Jarkko Pennanen (ringer for The Fat Duck owner  Heston Blumenthal) just curtailed the ardent ambitions of Soufiane Ouadoudy, who was looking to make back-to-back MPNPT final tables.

We joined the hand in question on the turn of a Jd Qs 6h Ah board – Pennanen leading out for 200,000 and Ouadoudy looking pained.

Eventually he went all-in with Qd 6d for two pair but the snap-call from Pennanen signalled bad news. So it proved – he had Ks Ts for the nuts.

Ouadoudy looked resigned….just four outs to improve to a winning full house, and the 4h on the river was of no use.

Ouadoudy’s charge at back to back final tables ends here, but he deserves great credit for coming so close and being such an genial presence at the tables.

We hope to see him again.

Pennanen meanwhile is on a tear – he’s got 1.3 million and looks fearless. Watch out for this man…

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