Pennanen Flying the Flag

I found Colin Guthrie betting 28k on a Qc-8d-6c flop; to his right, Olybet qualifier Jarkko Pennanen, who appeared to have initially checked the flop, tanked up for some time before making the call.

Pennanen checked the 2h turn as well, and this time Guthrie bet 40k. Back to Pennanen for another spell in the tank – but this time, Pennanen check-raised all in for 168.6k. Now it was Guthrie’s turn to disappear into the tank. He stayed there for some minutes.

“Stay like that long as you like, champ, take your time” said Simon Marks across the table. “We’ve only got 14 more players to lose.”

Eventually Guthrie folded, with surprisingly little fuss given that he seems to be on the Scotch already. Guthrie dropped to 100k, while Pennanen moved up to around 300k.

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