Pekka Faces Stiff Resistance

On the comeback trail…

With the blinds at 400/800 with a 100 ante, there is severe pressure on some of the players to chip up and make a stand or risk being washed away under a sea of blinds. There is also a powerful incentive for the bigger stacks to try and pick up blinds and this is creating an exciting dynamic at the tables.

Recently Johan Palokangas was gazing sadly at his 16,500 stack with some mournful observations. “It is not so easy now…”he opined, although his mood seemed to be improving when he later added, “but maybe it is easy!”…alluding to the fact his shortened stack had also limited his options.

Pekka Ikonen soon ran afoul of Palokangas’ newfound optimism, raising to 2,000 preflop, only for Palokangas to move all-in. “Turns out it was easy!” he added with a smile.

Ikonen puzzled it over but eventually found the fold button, leaving Palokangas a little better off with 20,000…

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