Pavlovian Redaction

The blinds have just risen to 400/800/100 and the pressure is taking its toll – a whole raft of fresh victims seeing their hopes dashed on the rocks of misfortune.

Numbered amongst these sorry figures of dismissal is Ivelin Pavlov, who has been joined on the rail by the following victims:

Leonardo Fricchione, Radoslav Illiev, Ivailo Tanusheff, Ivaylo Peevski, Peder-Age Paulsen, Nicolas Fuentes, Balta Gunars, Dobromir Tsolov, Petar Petrov, Lennaert Joostens, Plamen Pashov, Galin Panayotov, Andzei Salnikov, Rune Gjovikli and Radostin Todovichin.

Fare well to the land of the busted.


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