Pavic-Nikolic hits Jack-pot

Perica Pavic-Nikolic is a fortunate man! He just won a huge pot with a somewhat speculative holding and his opponent (whose ID unfortunately we are missing just at the moment) looked a tad disgusted at how it all played out.

Missing ID man(we’ll call him Mr X) raised to 2,500 from under-the gun and Pavic-Nikolic 3-bet to 5,000 from middle position.

Passed back to Mr. X he quickly 4-bet to 9,500. Pavic-Nikolic asked how much he had behind, then called the additional chips.

The flop fell Jd 8s 2d.

Mr X swiftly picked up his entire stack (around 28,000) and pushed it over the line. Pavic-Nikolic squirmed a little as he mulled it over. “Ace-queen? Ace-King?” he asked inquisitively.

Then he sighed. Then he called.

Qh Qd for Mr X and just Jh 7h or top pair for Pavic-Nikolic with most of his stack in the middle.

Turn: Ks. Safe card for Mr. X.

RIver: Js! Ouch.Trips for Pavic-Nikolic!

The table took a collective intake of breath at this huge pot changing direction so dramatically. Mr X looked rather upset at this turn of events but as he was now Mr Ex, he vacated his seat and wandered away.

“Sorry,” muttered Pavic-Nikolic as he collected the assorted contents of this giant pot. He rises to 90,000.

Edit: We have since discovered Mr X was one Daniel Burkart. Bad luck Daniel, we feel your pain!

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