Paul Johnson is MPNPT Tallinn Runner-Up (€40,000)

Paul Johnson came into the heads-up with a slim advantage but faced an aggressive approach from Luke Martin – aided by some useful cards and situations.

Martin had actually moved into a 2-1 chip lead, having chipped away at Johnson’s stack before the fateful hand that would seal the title. The pair saw a flop of Kc 8c 8s and this was always likely to be difficult for Johnson to avoid losing a substantial amount of chips as he held Kd 2c for top pair to Martin’s Ts 8h for trips.

As it turned out, he did his best to avoid going broke by check-calling the flop, check-calling the 6d turn but then Martin jammed the Qh river and Johnson felt top pair was too big to lay down and made the call….and it was all over!

Congratulations Paul for your second MPNPT final table and a superb run to finish runner-up. You can be exceptionally proud of yourself. However all that commotion and applause means we have our winner…


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