Pardon for Ouadoudy

Soufiane Ouadoudy three-bet Jarkko Pennanen preflop – Pennanen folded and Ouadoudy took the pot, but he remained woefully short on 146k, the blinds/antes now at 6k/12k/1k.

A hand or two later, Mehdi Hsissen, still racking up chips from a previous hand, paused in his endeavours to open to 30k. Abandoning chip-stacking in order to raise – a classic blogger’s tell. Ouadoudy now went all in, and sure enough, Hsissen snap-called with Ah-Kh. Ouadoudy could only manage As-3s and was odds on for elimination, until:

Board: 7-5-7-3-9

A tirade of French words we couldn’t quite make out streamed from the mouth of Hsissen, with maximum gesticulation etc. Ouadoudy’s response we could make out, though: “Pardon, pardon, pardon,” he mumbled repeatedly as last year’s MPNPT Morocco runner up raked in the pot.

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