Panayotov Doubles Off Gruszczynski

Bulgaria’s Galin Panayotov kicked off Day 2 near the top of the board with 156,700 in chips. However, the first two blind levels went less than smooth for the Bulgarian and his stack was down to less than one-quarter of that.

Panayotov got some back. He jammed 36,000 from middle position before Poland’s Sebastian Gruszczynski jammed over the top for around 80,000. The rest of the table folded before Panayotov turned over [Ah3d] and needed help to beat his opponent’s [ThTs].

The [3h2h2s] wasn’t much help for Panayotov but things began to look up for the Bulgarian after the [Qh] appeared on the turn to open up a nut flush draw. The [7h] spiked the river to give Panayotov a much needed double and he began stacking up his chips.

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