Paf Player Peter Pihlstrom Perversely Pilfers Pot

Luke Martin made the opening min-raise to 40k, and on the button Paf player Peter Pihlstrom reraised to what looked like 140k. In the big blind, Olybet qualifier Jari Hurri (pictured) called all in for a somewhat desperate 73k. Back to Martin – who announced all in to cover Pihlstrom. After a few moments thinking about it, Pihlstrom announced the call.

“I’ve got aces,” said Martin. And indeed he did.

Martin: Ah Ac
Pihlstrom: Qs Qc
Hurri: 5s 7d

Board: 8h 9h 2s 7c … Qd

With that, Pihlstrom doubled up to 1.5 million or so; Martin, who would have been massive chip leader had his aces held, dropped back to 1.6 million – still around twice the average right now. Hurri meanwhile headed to the cash desk to collect his €1,600 for 21st place.

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