The Pace Slows As The Payouts Loom

After the initial raft of eliminations, the action has dried up somewhat with the remaining 39 players looking to secure some form of remuneration. 36 players will be paid remember, so that nasty bubble awaits one of these plucky players.

This drought of drama hasn’t prevent the following three players from falling in recent times though –  Jake O’Leary, Tim Farrelly and Dara O’Kearney all succumbing during this lull.

One player who looks like his neck should be on the chopping block but is somehow short-stack ninja-shoving his way into keeping alive is Lehest Lardo(pictured). He only has 10 big blinds – but he’s getting his shoves through at the moment and it’s keeping him afloat.

Keep shoving buddy! Good luck.


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