Pace Picks Up Post-Bubble

As expected, the flurry of post-bubble eliminations means that bloggers and floor staff alike are rushed off their feet! Here are a couple we managed to scribble down:

Fabienne Freymdal got her last 14k (2BBs!) in with Ac Ts from the cutoff, and both Julien Tiessesdre in the small blind and Vrána Vilém in the big called. Tiessesdre checked and then folded to Vilém’s bet on the 4d 6c Th flop. Vilém revealed 7h 4c, promptly outdraw Freymdal on the 7c turn, and stayed in the lead on the Qh river to send Freymdal to the rail and increase his own stack to around 450k.

Over at the next table, Maxim Kobeza was busy busting with 8s 8c to Josef Šnejberg’s As Th, the board running out 4-3-K-A-Q too fast for me to catch the suits. Šnejberg is up to over 500k now.

Also busto: Christian Eckenweber and Pekka Ikonen.

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