Ostergaard Leaves Vadenbring With Crumbs

Abdallah Fakhreddine limped for 500,000 from the hijack with [Qs9s] before Erik Ostergaard (pictured) three-bet to 1.6 million with [AsAh] from the cutoff.

Gustav Vadenbring four-bet jammed for 6.6 million with [AcQc]. Fakhreddine folded before Ostergaard called off his stack of 4.2 million.

Vadenbring needed a ton of help and the [KhTh2s] board at least gave him a gutshot straight draw. However, neither the [8s] on the turn nor the [6c] on the river was able to complete his straight and he was left with just 2.4 million or less than five big blinds.

Meanwhile, Ostergaard is back in business with a stack of 9.6 million.

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