Olympios vs. Cartwright: Dealer Wins

Andreas Olympios made his last stand with a preflop jam for <10,000 in early position, snap-called by button Anthony Cartwright in the big blind.

Cartwright: Qc Qd
Olympios: Qh (he hid the Td behind it until the dealer made him show)

Flop: 2h 8h 7h… Turn Kd (Olympios asking out loud for a heart, of course)… River 3h.  Olympios gave a totally unintimidating sort of giggle as he doubled up (barely scratching Cartwright’s 80,000 stack) while Cartwright told the dealer, “I would’ve enjoyed seeing him walk!”

“Sorry for that heart on the river,” the dealer replied, before turning to Olympios and saying, “You’re welcome for that heart on the river.”  Win-win, like the tour guide who tells you, “If you enjoyed the tour, my name’s Jim.  If you didn’t, it’s Steve.”

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