O'Kearney Drops A Few

The Lionel Messi of satellites (if that isn’t too contentious a reference given our location here in Madrid!), Dara O’Kearney, has not made too many inroads on his table as far as we can tell and we just witnessed him have another chunk bitten out of his stack. Dara opened for a raise in early position and there was just a single caller from the big blind. This player may or may not have been Ranel Kasi, depending on whether his seat has been vacated during the day and he’s been replaced. Keep your IDs handy guys and we’re less likely to misidentify you!

Anyway, once Kasi/random player had called, the flop fell Ah8d8c and Dara greeted the check with a small bet of 600. Call.

The 9d on the turn saw players both check but the 6h on the river was greeted with a bet of 2,800 from Kasi. O’Kearney called without fuss but was quickly shown the formidable Ac8h for a flopped full house, his cards instantly slid toward the muck on seeing this monster presented.

Dara’s treading water at the moment with around his starting stack but Kasi is up to 38,000 – a decent stack with the end of level 6 approaching and 220 players remaining from the circa 284 entrants.

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