Oester Ousted

Johann Oester has just become the latest Main Event casualty in a classic set-trumps-overpair clash with Zach Murman. There were actually three players in the hand when I arrived on the flop; Zdenko Slavic in the small blind had already checked to Oester, who bet a roughly pot-sized 2,100. On the button, Murman raised to 5,300, prompting a long spell in the tank from Slavic which eventually culminated in a fold. Oester, however, announced all in, and a swift call later the hands were revealed.

Oester: Kh-Ks
Murman: 6h-6s

The devil’s own hand held up through the Qs turn and Ad river, leaving Murman with almost 60,000 chips at the end of the hand and Oester with none. I waited around for a while to see if Oester decided to rebuy, but after a few moments gazing wistfully across the card room, instead of heading to the cash desk he actually went to the bar. Perhaps we’ll see him back in the card room tomorrow.

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