Nothing Really Mattila

I’m not sure exactly how the action went, but I arrived to find three players involved in a preflop raising war. Terje Torstensen in early position had 25k in front of him; Jussi Mattila in the cutoff also had around 25k in front of him and was cheerfully announcing, “25k all in.” Andy Hills on the button had 10k in front of him and was looking a bit like he wasn’t sure what was going on. He folded.

Mattila and Torstensen went to showdown, a massive pot between them.

Torstensen: Ac-Ks
Mattila: um, 6d-9d

The board duly came down 3s-8h-8c-2h-Th and Torstensen got the lot – at 225k, he looks to be our current chip leader.

“He always plays like this, regardless of stack size,” a tablemate was saying as Mattila wandered off. “He once won a big tournament in Tallinn playing that way all the way through.”

I scuttled away to type up the action, and as I glanced up – Mattila was back! He’d insta-rebought, and was back in the same seat he’d just vacated with five shiny new 5k chips. I sent my esteemed blogging colleague over to ask him his name – but just as my blogging comrade was approaching the table, Mattila busted again!

We stalked him to the rebuy desk – another rebuy was dispensed in exchange for a crisp €500 note – and then followed him back to the table, where, before we could even introduce ourselves, Mattila busted out again. Extraordinary.

Players are on a break now so it’s hard to ascertain whether Mattila has decided to take another shot at Day 1a – but even if he doesn’t, he has already won the prize for highest number of rebuys. If there were such a prize. Which there isn’t. Shame.

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