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All the action at the moment is on Table 2 – the grossly uneven chip distribution on that table, currently comprising Yiannis Liperis’ über-stack and a bunch of short stacks, means that we are very likely to see our 10th place elimination take place there rather than on Table 1 where the stacks are much more even.

So far, though, we’ve only seen a couple of double ups. The first one was indeed on Table 2, although curiously it didn’t involve Liperis. Jari Hurri opened to 41k in the cutoff and then called Colin Guthrie’s small blind shove. Guthrie’s pocket tens were good enough to beat Hurri’s pocket eights, and Guthrie doubled up to around 420k while Hurri dropped to 580k.

A few minutes later, Liperis did get involved. Cieran Tighe moved in with Qs-8c from the small blind and was instantly called by Liperis holding Ad-Kc in the big blind. Things weren’t looking good for Tighe, but the poker gods delivered him a 3c-Qh-Qd-8s-Ks board for a full house and a double up to 450k. Ten players remain.

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