Noga Drops Out 5th (€9,000)

A period of relative tranquility has been shattered as Jiri Noga – with around 10 big blinds – took the plunge pre-flop with K-Q – only to run into Alex Hendriks’ dominating Ac Qs.

Things looked bad and although he picked up a few extra outs on the Ts Jd 3d flop, the 8s turn and 2h river consigned him to the growing list of also rans.

5th place is an impressive achievement however Mr Noga. Congratulations – enjoy your €9,000 payday and we hope to see you soon.

That leaves the 4-handed playing field balanced as follows – Alex Hendrix continuing to hold sway at the head of the counts.

Name Chip Count
Alex Hendriks 4,000,000
Daniel Camus 2,900,000
Jussi Mattila 1,600,000
Dominik Desset 1,400,000


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