No Surinder!

It’s possible we gave Surinder Sunar the dreaded blogger’s curse by lauding his poker accomplishments earlier. If so please accept our apologies Surinder.

We saw him exit moments ago, moving all-in for his last 55k on the turn of a 7s 6d 3d 3c board with 4h 4s, only for J├╝rgen Resch to pick him off with pocket queens.

Surinder had 6 outs to save his bacon but the poker gods were in no mood to deliver pork-based salvation and the Tc brick river confirmed his exit. WIth minimal fuss, he packed up his belongings and departed.

Resch meanwhile has risen to 260,000 – his prospects of making the cash or perhaps more, given a healthy boon. We’re only about 20 spots away from the cash now and the pressure is starting to ramp up. Exciting times ahead!


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