No One Feels Like Bluffing Prodhan

Early position Jonas Martinsen opened to 4,200 (blinds now 800/1,600), called by small blind Masud Prodhan and big blind Raul Lozano.  As if all three had already used up their live timebanks, it went check-check-check quickly over the Ac Ad 3d flop, and even more so on the 6c turn.  Only when it came down to the 8c river did some more chips hit the pot – a lead out of 6,000 from Prodhan.  Both of his opponents folded instantly, and he showed the table his Ah 8h, saying, “Come on somebody – bluff!”

Prodhan (pictured inset in a war of the Windswept Styles with his earlier neighbour Max Chan) is now on 132,000, keeping a slow and steady pace of increase which puts him in good stead for Day 2 (which he’ll reach if he can make it another two levels).

Interestingly, chip leader Sebastian Gruszczynski has just been moved to this table, which is starting to groan under the weight of stacks.

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