No Mark Left as Falkstadt Dispatches Another

Erkki Falkstadt is causing all sorts of trouble at his table (also populated by the pictured David Lappin.)

Just at the moment, he seems to be on an unstoppable path of carnage, Mark Murdvee the latest man to face his rampage of poker destruction.

We joined the hand with Murdvee and the in-position Falkstadt contending a board of Ts 8c 7c.

Murdvee checked…and a watchful Falkstadt also checked back.

The 6d on the turn saw Murdvee fire out 4,000. Falkstadt made a quick call.

The river was the 3c and it didn’t take Murdvee long to pick up his remaining stack (we think around 15,000 or so) and push it into the middle.

“I call,” Falkstadt said quickly. 8s 9s for Murdvee for the turned straight.

However, 9c 5c for Falkstadt was the turned straight and rivered flush! Murdvee had no words for this terminal cooler and glumly departed whilst a buoyant Falkstad rises up to an impressive 92,500 – likely to be good for the chip lead as we speak.

Can anyone stop this man?

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