No Business Like Snow Business

Jansson hits white gold – no yellow!

Far be it from us to draw the spotlight away from the MPNPT Tallinn Main Event but the snow in Tallinn has had a transformative effect and brings out the children in all of us. Memories of jumping through your first snowfall, leaving trails of tiny footprints, laughing and playing in this newly-discovered feature of nature linger long and even a little snow can cause childhood memories to come flooding back. Well here in Tallinn, the streets are blanketed during the winter months and for many of us this beautiful winterscape has proved just the catalyst to regress us back to childhood.

Bobble boy

Eventually the lure of all that white magic dust lying outside proved too attractive and during the break, a contingent escaped the Hilton to the nearby park to do what nearly all humans love to do with snow – build a snowman.

This is a report of the carnage that followed.

Fait accompli. The MPNPT snowman lives!

Paf’s Linda Jansson and MPNPT blogger Rod Stirzaker wrapped up in their thickest protective clothing and began building their snowman. This proved tricky as the powdery, icing sugar snow that had fallen was not easily compacted and worse, there were dangerous pockets of “yellow” snow lying in wait for the careless snow gatherer. There were pitfalls aplenty but the intrepid pair set about their task with gusto, curating large chunks of non-yellow snow and eventually fashioning something roughly resembling a figure. Adorned with chocolate eyes, a snickers nose, stick arms and a leaf mouth finally the snowman had begun to come to life.

To give it a topical flavour, they branded the snowman with an MPNPT wooly hat,

No, Linda, we love you but that is too much PAF!

multiple patches from MPNPT operators, a PAF scarf and  all of a sudden the MPN Poker Tour had a new mascot to be proud of.

Disaster then struck.

Linda, buoyed by the success of her snow engineering work, began to let the power go to her head. She grabbed patch after patch from her bag and began frenetically covering the snowman with PAF patches, obscuring some of the other operators. A cease and desist order was barked at the rampaging Linda but she refused to stop. Eventually, recognising Linda had lost control, there was only one recourse.

Snowball fight!

Multiple projectiles were launched in Linda’s direction and though she returned fire  and more than held her own, patch-pocalypse was interrupted.


Eventually reason prevailed and following a truce, order was restored. Shivering from the sub-zero temperatures, everyone trooped back into the Hilton hotel to warm up. Fingers thawed, ears defrosted and everyone involved realised just how much fun you can have with water, a few MPN patches and a little creativity.

Now, back to the poker, and apologies if we drip melted snow near your table. It was worth it!

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