No Blue Ribbon for Pabst

They’re dropping like flies now, as the blinds start to catch up with the shorter stacks and the prospect of going out in a blaze of glory and possibly starting again from scratch tomorrow starts to seem like a better prospect than grinding through the rest of the night and limping into Day 2 with shrapnel. Possibly the boozy player party downstairs in the bowling alley is also affecting our runners’ judgment – who knows.

Most recently, Josef Gulas took the plunge with K-T but came a cropper to Tomasz Pajak’s A-J on a 9-9-2-Q-9 board; Pajak is up to a pretty comfy 57k after that.

Somewhat more sympathy goes out to Viktor Pabst, who got his last in preflop with pocket queens against Michael Abaev’s poscket sixes, only for a third six to roll out on the board. Abaev now has over 80k in chips while Pabst has none.

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