Nielsen Flipped Out in 6th (€7,300)

We’ve lost another, and the dominant Italian Alessandro Siena was the man to deliver the killer blow.

The action opened with Jacob Nielsen raising under-the-gun with Ac Jc to 80,000, flatted by Cihan Eren on the button with pocket deuces.

Now the aggressive Siena leapt into action, three-betting to 280,000 with pocket tens. A tough spot for Nielsen, he pondered his options for a good minute or two before moving all-in. Fold from Eren, snap call from SIena.

The board of 4c 9c 2s was close to the nut, non-paired board Nielsen could have hit. He had numerous outs – overcards, any club, but it wasn’t to be as he bricked out over the Kd 8h turn and river.

So €7,300 for Nielsen – a great performance falling just short of the title. Well played sir.

Meanwhile that hand sees Siena eliminate one of his biggest rivals and he now has a 5,300,000 stack, miles ahead of the chasing pack.

“The other players are in an ICM coffin,” comments Cat perspicaciously on stream. Their job of toppling Siena just got a lot harder…

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