Nice Laydown!

It’s sweet to win a pot with a big hand but sometimes it can be equally rewarding to make a strong laydown. Fredrik Bergmann can bathe in the glow of a fine fold made a few moments ago.

Three way to a board of 7d 8s Tc, Med Djebbar went all-in for his shortstack – only for Bergmann to make the move to isolate with pocket queens, raising to 10,500.

He must’ve been surprised when the action hotted up further, Roger Hairabedian in seat six(pictured) re-raising to 25,000!

Bergmann was short on options, the raise being half his remaining stack. If he played the hand, he was committed, but after thinking through the ramifications – he laid down his overpair.

It proved a great fold as Hairabedian turned over 6-9 for the second nut straight and duly collected the pot over the blank turn and river to eliminate Djebbar and move to 75,000 himself.

Bergmann meanwhile drew fulsome praise from his tablemates for his on-point board-reading skills and he lives to fight another day – 30,000 still to his name…

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