Nezirevic Doubles Set Over Set

Mateusz Moolhuizen and Sofia Lovgren were at the same table. We went over to take a peek so we could also see if Moolhuizen was available for a Facebook Live video during the break which he agreed to.

While these were certainly the two stars of the table, neither player what was involved in a hand that drew ooohs and ahhhs from the table.

Mirza Nezirevic bet 220,000 into a pot of around 350,000 after the flop came [7h5s4d]. Nave Biton paused for a minute before he three-bet to 650,000.

Nezirevic went into true Hollywooding mode for about five minutes. He first looked down at his chips, then looked at his cards, before asking the dealer for a chip count of the three-bet. He then went into the tank before once again confirming the bet was 650,000.

Eventually, Nezirevic four-bet jammed for 1,900,000 and Biton snap-called.

Nezirevic turned over [7d7s] for top set and Biton’s jaw dropped when he saw the huge cooler as he turned over [5h5c] for middle set. The table collectively gasped in shock before the [Td] came on the turn and the [3s] completed the board on the river.

After the hand, the tournament director broke up the table.

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