Sunday November 12th sees the introduction of a new range of Sunday Major tournaments on the MPN. These new majors will now run every Sunday alongside all your daily favourite tournaments.

The major change you will notice in these new majors (outside of name changes) is that we are saying goodbye to the old MPN favourite “Sunday Showdown” (€200 + €15) and replacing it with Mount Olympus (€100 + €10). We have cut the buy-in down from €215 to €110 but the great deep structure remains the same. The good news also is that the guarantee will remain the same at €15,000 although we expect this will grow by the end of the year.

It has taken us a little bit longer than we had hoped to make this change to our flagship tournament. Following on from our recent successful UCOP tournament series we had two key areas that needed analysis 1) the performance of the series itself and 2) our player base over the previous 12 months. The key finding is that €110 buy-in is the optimum price point for our flag ship tournament. €215 priced a lot of our players out. Given players tendency to favour other variants (Fish Party crucially) over satellites, we just didn’t qualify or attract enough players at this price point. Now, we will attract more players for half the buy-in and the same guarantee whilst providing a much more exciting flagship tournament.

We have also introduced “€5,000 Big Bad Wolf” which is a €55 Bounty guarantee. This is the first time we have supported a bounty tournament with a guarantee in our regular schedule. We recently trialled them in our UCOP series and they were a big hit so we have made it a permanent weekly fixture.

Some of the other new tournaments we have introduced are “€4,000 Big Foot” which is an €11 rebuy tournament and kicks off at 19:30 GMT. Following this is the “€2,000 Red Hot Devil” at 22:00 GMT which is a €55 Turbo freezeout. The last major of the day is “€1,000 Hot as Hades” which is a 1Rebuy/1 Add-on super turbo to end your Sunday session @22:30 GMT. All our new tournaments, just like our daily tournaments, can be qualified for from satellites for a fraction of the cost.

For those of you panicking that you don’t see your favorite tournament from the old Sunday schedule – Don’t worry! Old favorites such as “Sunday Drive”, “Mini Masters” or “Sunday Mosh Pit” will still run however we have changed the names on them to reflect our branding (more on this later), everything else will remain the same. The new names for these tournaments are as follows:


Day Time(GMT) Buy-In New Name Old Name
Sunday 17:00 € 110.00 €7,500 Big Top Sunday Drive
Sunday 18:00 € 5.50 €5,000 Big Break Mini Masters
Sunday 19:00 € 22.00 €15,000 Big Kahuna Sunday Mosh Pit

For those of you with an appetite for a bigger buy-in, we are introducing a Hi-Roller event every Monday at 19:30 GMT, “€10,000 High Society”, which is a 6 max €215 freezeout.

Just a word on our guarantees. Pricing new guarantees on new tournaments is quite difficult as any poker room manager will tell you! Whilst they may seem conservative to begin with, this is purposefully done so that we have room to grow while balancing the risk of overlays. Any poker manager hates having to reduce a guarantee and I’m no exception, it inevitably leads to players dropping out and can be a vicious cycle until a tournament finds its equilibrium or in a lot of scenarios gets cancelled permanently. However, we have balanced this by leaving our flagship guarantee at €15k despite cutting the buy-in. As mentioned, we do expect these to grow and I personally micro manage our schedule daily, constantly increasing guarantees where tournaments allow it.

We have been asked several times why we chose the names we did for our tournaments and there is an easy explanation to this. We first and foremost are poker players here at the MPN HQ and quite frankly we are bored to death of all the usual Sunday tournament names, some we have used ourselves in the past, the Sunday X and similar. We wanted something new and something different. We are the Microgaming Poker Network and Microgaming are known for their world class award winning casino games. Given we have branding and assets around these games, not only does it make commercial sense but it makes logical sense to use these names on our tournaments. It’s different, its new, its fresh and the key thing which we want to achieve is you will remember playing a tournament like “Big Kahuna” or “Mount Olympus” more than you will the “Sunday X”. It gives the player an attachment to the tournament. We first trialled this with our new tournament schedule back in October ’16 and now you will see this inspiration across all of our named tournaments. I hope you like it!

A full list of the new Sunday Schedule additions is available here:


Day Time(GMT) Buy-In Name Guarantee Type(s)
Sunday 17:00 € 110.00 €7,500 Big Top € 7,500.00 Freezeout
Sunday 18:00 € 5.50 €5,000 Big Break € 5,000.00 Rebuy
Sunday 19:00 € 22.00 €15,000 Big Kahuna € 15,000.00 Rebuy
Sunday 19:30 € 110.00 €15,000 Mount Olympus € 15,000.00 Freezeout
Sunday 20:00 € 55.00 €5,000 Big Bad Wolf € 5,000.00 Bounty
Sunday 20:30 € 11.00 €4,000 Big Foot € 4,000.00 Rebuy
Sunday 22:00 € 55.00 €2,000 Red Hot Devil € 2,000.00 Freezeout
Sunday 22:30 € 11.00 €1,000 Hot as Hades € 1,000.00 1R/1A
Monday 19:30 € 215.00 €10,000 High Society € 10,000.00 Freezeout

If you would like to provide feedback please comment below or tweet us directly @thrillofpoker I can’t promise we will respond to everyone, but what I can promise is I will read and take on board every single bit of feedback given, not only about this schedule but about the MPN in general.

Jonathon Kelly (@jonathonkelly) is Poker Room Manager at Microgaming, which operates the MPN and Indian Poker Network, and provides poker services to Adjarabet.

Any opinions contained in this blog are the personal views of the author only, and not of any other person or organisation.

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