Mulder Foxes De Jong

Dehlia De Jong has taken a small hit – value betting 2,500 with A-3 on a 6s 3h 7c 8s 3h board, only for Mathijs Mulder to raise to 7,300. De Jong called with trips – only to get the bad news that Mulder had turned a straight with 5h 9h.

Despite that minor blow, she is still sitting pretty with around 75,000 whilst Mulder’s stack leapt up to close to 50,000.

His fortune didn’t last long however, as he took on Ottomar Ladva’s c. 18,000 shove over his raise with pocket queens. He was in great shape to augment his stack further as Ladva showed As Qs but a board of Jd 7s 4s 2s 8h turned the equity tables and left Ladva scooping a 40,000 pot with his nut flush – Mulder dropping to just under 30,000.

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