MPNPT Battle Side Event Barely Containable

There’s something about a €150 buy-in Day 3 side event that really hits that sweet spot between, “Damn, I’m out of the Main Event but I could really play some more poker,” and, “I have spent quite a bit of cash entertaining myself on the beach and the hedonist’s playground of Paceville.”  Even so, this particular incarnation, the MPNPT Battle, has really taken off, with 552 players registering, generating a prizepool of €72,284.

So great was the queue of hopefuls earlier today that it was briefly maxed out; now everyone who wanted a shot at the €13,915 first prize has taken it, and currently there are 103 remaining with 79 paid.  Among them are John Hesp, Alex Hendriks, Uku Valner, UCOP winner Niko Pakalen and sticker aficionado Nick Diaz.

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