MPNPT @ Battle of Malta: Bustout City!

We were expecting fireworks from the off and it’s all been whiz, bangs and eliminations from the start. Just 46 players remain from the 60 that started the day…25% of the field gone inside the first hour of play.

Here are the players who have succumbed in these fiery early stages:

Position Country Name
#47 Italy Formica Salvatore
#48 Estonia Mjagkov Andrei
#49 Italy D’alterio Luigi
#50 Italy Bonifico Liberato
#51 Cyprus Kyriazi Grigoris
#52 Musumarra Andrea
#53 Italy Gravagna 1 Fausto
#54 Italy Della Ventura Sergio Domenico
#55 Spain Sanchez Alejandro
#56 Poland Gruszczynski Sebastian Adam
#57 Sweden Inerud Jan Christopher
#58 Italy Mirabile Antonio
#59 Portugal Pinho Henrique Oliveira De Sousa
#60 England Banks Gary Hillson

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