Mountains for Hills

Thank you to our roving reporter/media coordinator/cash game festival Twitter troll Jen Mason for this little gem from Andy Hills’ table.

According to Jen, four players made it to a Kd 9s 9d flop, two of whom checked before Marian Flesar bet 38k from the cutoff and Andy Hills called on the button, leaving himself just 105k behind. The other two players folded, and they went head up to the turn.

The turn was the 3c and Flesar now bet out 59k; Hills responded by going all in. Despite the push comprising less than a min-raise, Flesar tanked up for some minutes before making the call with Kh Qc for two pair. Hill turned over Jh 9h for trips, met no nastiness on the river (Ac), and doubled up. Both players are on a shade over 300k after that, although they are moving in opposite directions.

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