€5,000 Mount Olympus

The €5,000 Mount Olympus is our weekly €110 event on Sundays at 19:30 GMT. You can buy in direct or start to win your way from just €2.20 each day!

We have a 10 Seat Mega Feeder to the Mount Olympus on Sunday at 16:40 GMT. This is a €22 buy-in freezeout and you can qualify for this tournament many times each day in the following:

Time (GMT) Buy-In Type Days
13:15 € 2.20 Turbo 2R1A Sunday
14:40 € 2.20 Turbo Rebuy Mon-Sun
15:40 € 2.20 Turbo Rebuy Sunday
16:05 € 2.20 Turbo Rebuy Mon-Sun
17:40 € 2.20 Turbo 2R1A Mon-Sat
19:05 € 2.20 Turbo Rebuy Mon-Sat
23:05 € 2.20 Turbo 2R1A Mon-Sat

One seat to the 10 Seat Mega Feeder is guaranteed in each of these and they start with a minimum of just 2 players!

You can also qualify into the Mount Olympus in our €11 Turbo Rebuy with 5 seats guaranteed each Sunday at 18:05 GMT. Register for this before it begins to start with additional chips!

You can flip your way into this for just €1 a few minutes before it starts.