Moolhuizen's Stack on The Rise

Some players have their strategy at MPNPT events locked down and Mateusz Moolhuizen is one of those who has polished his technique to a shine – numerous cashes and final tables attesting to his skill. Once again he’s putting together a credible day’s work – his stack at 70,000 as we move into level 9.

Recently we saw what looked a typical hand from the Dutchman – a raise to 3,000 after one limper for 800, called in two spots. The board of Jh9c2s saw the players check to Moolhuizen who continued for 5,000 – only to pick up the 10,000+ pot when both players threw their hands away.

Simple but effective – Moolhuizen looks set to continue his enviable MPNPT record. Could he crown the final event with his first win?

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